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The Parts Connection Story

In the old days when the business of vehicle dismantling was known as car wrecking there were a number of specialist vehicle dismantling companies that decided, because they focused on different makes and models, they could trust each other, talk together to share their ideas and experiences and learn from one another.

Parts Connection was formed in Auckland in 1992 by seven specialist dismantlers and has become a leader in the field of automotive dismantling since that time. The dismantlers felt that by operating as a group they could ensure high standards of professionalism, service, reliability and parts availability.

Today, there are sixteen members operating under the Parts Connection banner, each providing a specialist parts service for their specialist make of vehicles, where vehicle parts are both imported and sourced locally. The strength of Parts Connection members is that they have specialist knowledge of the brand of parts that they supply.
Specialisation in a particular brand of vehicle parts ensures that the customer receives fast, reliable, accurate and friendly service. Parts Connection’s logistical approach to the myriad of makes and models of cars available in New Zealand today uses customised computer systems for vehicle parts inventory, plus the extensive brand knowledge that each member has, means customers can call Parts Connection and there will be a very high probability the part required will be available.
Parts Connection members have the experience and the knowledge to help you find the right part at the right price, first time.


Parts Connection was founded in1992 with 7 members, today there are 16 specialist members Auckland wide.

Advanced for Ford & Holden
Kempy’s Bitza Mitzy's for Mitsubishi
All China for Chery, Great Wall, LDV & Foton
Mazbits for Mazda
Nisbits for Nissan
Strong for Honda
Toyotaz Galore
European Auto Spares
Euroline Autoparts
Strong for Isuzu
Strong for Subaru
Eastern for Korean
Suzibits for Suzuki

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For Car Parts call 0800 70 70 40