Environmental Information

Environmental InformationWe ask you to consider using a used vehicle part first, because by doing so you are making a great environmental choice. The Parts Connection member companies are working hard at blowing the myth that car wrecking is a dirty business.

We think vehicle dismantling is a sustainable industry, and there are a number of reasons why.

  1. The ultimate in recycling, the very act of dismantling and reusing or recycling automotive parts from used vehicles is a great step in limiting the continual use of resources and energy to manufacture new vehicle parts from the world’s limited raw materials.
2.  Lessens energy wastage, this also eliminates the need to ship or airfreight new vehicle parts across the seas to New Zealand, wasting fuel and energy.
3. Trade balance, most used vehicle parts will cost you less than new parts and perform the exact same function therefore keeping our dollars here in New Zealand.

It is truly amazing just how much of a vehicle can be recycled and nearly everything can be re-used. Oils and other fluids are drained and sent to the appropriate recycling or refining company, tyres can be sold for reuse or recycled for other uses.

Engines, transmissions, electrical parts, panels and all good parts can be tested, cleaned, in some cases rebuilt and re-sold in New Zealand or even exported to other countries. Once all useable parts are removed the vehicle bodies are crushed and sent to the steel mill where they are melted down and the steel and other metals can be recycled to make all sorts of different products.

All Parts Connection members are very aware of their responsibility to protect our precious environment and they are working hard to create a safe environmentally friendly vehicle dismantling operation.